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Samsung UN75F6300 Review

Samsung releases a new series of TV F6300. They belong to the line of Smart LED TVs. Company simplifies management and provides a completely redesigned interface of Smart Hub. With Smart View and AllShare, you can share its content, now it is fast and very easy.

Samsung UN75F6300 Review

With the Smart View and AllShare, you can share its content, now it is fast and very simple. Samsung UN75F6300 – it’s not just TV, it’s more than that. Dual-core processor, high resolution and many additional features make it in a powerful media center.

Product Features

This Samsung UN75F6300 TV has 1080p which gives better picture quality and 120Hz Refresh Rate. You can easily find an interesting show or movie. Samsung Smart TV designed for you to devote less time to surfing and more – for watching.

To create a simple and comfortable interface, you need an idea for his organization. Smart Hub has five functional panels: for movies and TV shows, TV, social networks, applications, and audio and video files.

Visit the S-Recommendation center. It will consider your preferences and viewing will search only certain programs. It will not mindlessly channel surfing, it search aims to meet your taste.

New TV has a full web browser by which your TV will turn into the monitor on which you will be able to browse sites. Smart TV gives access to a huge amount of content and information. On the large panel will look beautiful as sites of social networks and banal’s weather web.

On the new model UN75F6300 installed dual-core processor. This capacity is double more than in the HDTV. Now your TV has become a multi-tasking.

The simultaneous execution of multiple tasks will not cause of slow speed. You can view web sites and download applications at the same time.

Samsung has returned the Smart Interaction 2.0, and not just returned, and updated. Now it will be better than ever thanks to the speed processor. Use the simple gestures to control the TV. Using gestures, you can control the settings of the TV, use the browser, play games and do lots of other things. Improved Smart Interaction 2.0 makes it simple and comfortable.

Samsung Smart TV leaves no choice for image quality. Only the highest resolution of 1080 pixels, regardless of format. You need to see every little detail!

Another interesting feature is Samsung Smart View. it means that you can move the viewed file between different devices. You can start watching a movie on TV and continue with your smartphone. The company takes care that you do not miss a single shot.

One comment

  1. Very large TV. I did not think that would be so beautiful in my living room. Very thin in the first time I see.

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