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Sony KDL65W850A Review

Sony is known for its high-quality equipment. New Sony KDL65W850A – an example of excellent pictures, one of the best choices of this year. KDL-65W850A has several advantages over W900A except Motionflov technology.

Here 65W850A is slightly inferior to him. But in the end, it does not really matter. W850A is more expensive, this is caused by large screen, but operating speed, they will not differ too much.

Sony KDL65W850A Review

People buy TVs for different purposes. Over time, televisions become more and more functions and the number of destinations is growing. There is a list of indicators that are worth paying attention to.

Product Features

Sony KDL65W850A has very impressive dimensions, so before you buy it, make sure you have a large room where you hang it. This is not a small TV for the kitchen. This is 65-inch media center with high class image for video gourmets.

Before viewing the video, the TV asks you to select one of several modes. He has some special regimes, including the mode for viewing movies, which includes the best audio and video settings. What will do a first-class television without the function of 3-D? Included with the W850A are 4 pairs of 3-D glasses so you can enjoy surround video the whole family.

The TV has a special mode for watching sports. No smeared motions, everything is clear and bright. Refresh rate – 120 Hz, ready to enjoy the sight. Nothing will not annoy you: the big screen with HD picture is perfect for watching sports matches.

This TV is also great for video games. You just need to add the console. Quality images with high refresh rates – a good choice for gamers.

Sony 65W850A equipped with four HDMI outputs. There is also a built-in wi-fi. You can download your favorite TV shows and the new films directly on the television. This feature will provide Sony Entertainment Network. But keep in mind that some services have a monthly fee.

Sony KDL-65W850A looks very similar to X850A 4K. There is a round silver stand at the bottom, and on top – a neat black frame. Company logo is at the bottom of the screen center.

Sony has taken a big step forward relative the quality of the sound. This year, the quality of the surround speakers greatly improved. Their total capacity is 30watts with 2.1 channels.

Conclusion: W850A does all that have to do television. It costs a lot, but for these money you get a quality image on a huge screen with a high refresh rate. This TV does not mediocre attribute of apartment, but an example of modern technology.


  1. I buy this Tv. My first impression – the quality of theTV is amazing. It was my dream.

  2. i bought one of these kdl65w850a tv i was gonna buy the samsung un60f8000 but after looking at the picture on both tv’s the un60f8000 was 240hz and the sony was 120 hz the sony seem to have a nicer picture then the samsung mind yo the samsung was alot brighter ii read one reviw that someone was saying they had a horizontal line appearing on theres but i haven’t read any other bad reviews on this tv yet as anyone else have this like problem on your screen???

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